Law Firm Logos – Making the Right Impression

March 23, 2015

For a long time, law firms generally went completely without a logo. Most firms simply created some nice looking letterhead featuring the names of partners or even created some sort of simple design using office software.

While that may have worked before the invention of the internet, today’s firms are spending more and more time and resources in an effort to brand themselves. If you have a law firm logo- or even if you don’t- what does your logo say about your firm? If you haven’t designed a logo or you haven’t revised the design of your logo in a long time, now is the time to ask yourself what your logo says about you.

When you think about popular logos, they all say something about the company they represent. Think of the Starbucks logo, with the stylized bohemian woman who represents the company. Or the Nike “swoosh” that embodies the sleek, fast performance that the company promotes. Or even Wendy’s girl, with the big smile and burger that brings to mind an old-fashioned burger joint.

Your logo shouldn’t be the most important representation of your company- that honor belongs to the reputation you build- but your logo should create a visual representation of who you are and what you do that you customers will instantly associate with your firm.

Law Firm Logos

A logo, whether for a law firm or any other business, is a visual representation of your brand and where you belong in the larger marketplace. It should give anyone who sees it an idea about who you are and what your firm is about. Some symbols of the legal profession are perennial, and can be incorporated into any design to help convey the idea that you are a legal firm- the scales of justice, lady justice, or a gavel are all simple parts that can be included in your logo. But you shouldn’t rely on these old standbys because they won’t distinguish you from your competition.

To start designing a vision for your law firm logo, try this:

Grab a piece of paper, and write down things that represent what your practice does. If you represent people in traffic and driving cases, anything from cars and keys to road signs and streets could be appropriate. If you are an environmental firm, consider symbols such as leaves, trees, or anything else that represents a cleaner world. The options are endless, just grab at the obvious and less obvious concepts that represent your firm.

Next, you will want to leave the true design work to a professional. There are a number of ways to do this, including sites that allow you to hire a graphic designer to create samples for you and sites that make designing law firm logos into a contest of sorts to provide you with multiple options. You can also hire a local graphic designer or firm to complete the work for you. In either case, the results will likely vary based on how clearly you are able to communicate your vision for the finished product. No matter who you choose to do the work, remember that your logo will become associated with your practice, so perfection is a must. You should find a balance between professionalism and simplicity that your customers can identify with.

Once your logo is created, you will want to begin looking at it as an advertising tool. Include it on business cards, add it to your lawyer website, and even include it on the letterhead of your law firm stationery. If the old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words is true, a logo says more about your company than virtually any other advertising tool ever will.

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